Bolero Advanced Hydration

About Bolero USA Advanced Hydration Drinks


is a great powdered drink product that is perfect for those who maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, those who want to get in better shape, adults, children, and those who suffer from diabetes.  Bolero powdered drinks are sugar-free and gluten-free and do not have any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Bolero has been a popular brand in Europe for over 20 years, and now it is here in the United States.  Bolero comes in over 50 flavors in three categories: CLASSIC (fruit flavors and colas), ICE TEA (black-tea extract mixed with fruit flavors in lemon, passion fruit, and peach), and ISOTONIC (an orange-flavored sports drink that restores electrolyte balance after intense physical activity).  Bolero powdered drink mixes come in boxes containing 12 individual sachets.  Each sachet contains enough mix to create 1.5 liters (almost a half gallon) of refreshing drink product.


Because Bolero is sugar-free (and VERY low in calories and carbohydrates), it is ideal for those on a diet and trying to be in better physical condition.  Bolero is a delicious and healthful way to have your pre-meal drink, since it is mixed with water and is sugar-free.


can also be served hot.  Many people enjoy a hot cup of tea but often with added sugar.  Bolero teas are made with black-tea extract and come in delicious fruit flavors.  The three flavors are lemon, passion fruit, and peach.  Bolero iced tea served hot is a healthful and delicious alternative to traditional teas served with sugar


fruit flavors are also ideal for use as treats.  Children and adults will love them in the form of a homemade popsicle. They can also be mixed with milk for flavored milkshakes and as a milk substitute in recipes for cakes, custards, etc.


is an orange-flavored sports drink that is designed to help you rehydrate and restore electrolyte balance after intense physical activity.  It is sugar-free and contains zero calories.


are a smaller version of the Bolero sachets.  Each stick makes 16.9 ounces (the common size of a bottle of water) of delicious drink product.  It comes in many of the flavors you see in sachets.


 is a sugar-free instant drink that provides a quick-energy shot to make you feel awake and increase your alertness for hours.  It contains B vitamins, taurine (an amino acid), and 80mg of caffeine.  Each sachet makes 250ml (8.45 fluid ounces).  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING WOMEN, DIABETICS, AND CHILDREN.

Before using Bolero products, please read the back label for a complete list of ingredients, nutritional facts, and proper usage.